With a conceptual approach, Conrad Hübbe (b. 1989) explores the tradition of painting from a sculptural perspective in his monochrome drawings and large-scale installation works. Hübbe uses methods and techniques of translation to trace the ‚Nachleben‘ of the allegorical and symbolic power of images from a transcultural perspective.
Images from art history and everyday culture in the Central and Eastern European context are the starting point of his artistic process. Historical objects such as postcards and stamps serve as points of reference and refer to questions of mobility and circulation of the pictorial.
In effect, his artistic practice intends to reflect on how historical imagery can be reconfigured under the conditions of the present. Hübbe’s multi-layered, yet highly reduced works are often part of installations. Digitally executed tracing drawings are projected onto the canvas. Expanded in scale, the figurative leans into the abstract and is juxtaposed with the painterly fetish of the gesture, when
airbrushed lines are layered with thick oil paint on white primed canvas.
Growing up and situated between Germany and Poland, Hübbes’ interest lies in the transcultural aspects of images and motifs from the Central and Eastern European spheres. Conrad Hübbe lives and works in Hamburg, Berlin, and Warsaw. He studied Fine Arts in Hamburg and in the studio of Mirosław Bałka at the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Warsaw. He graduated in 2022 and received his Masters’ Degree in the class of Andreas Slominski at the University of Fine Arts (HFBK) in Hamburg.
For further information please get in touch through:    studio@conradhuebbe.com